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Let me be perfectly honest with you from the outset. I don't like to spend a lot of time online; studies, research and family should and do come first in my life. For that reason, you're probably not going to see me playing "daddy" on this board a lot. That being the case, this board comes with no promises and few guarantees. I do reserve the right to eject people who, in my view, are acting like nitwits. I do not promise that we will exercise that right, or even that I will read the postings to this board. It's here for your convenience. Think of this as being an online coffeehouse, minus the caffeine. The only company that you can be sure that you'll have is the company you bring with you, and from time to time you will meet somebody who needs to switch to a decaf.

Why bother, if I'm offering you so little? Because I am offering you more than that. This board is connected to a number of sites which do extremely well in the search engine listings, and so the remarks you leave here are likely to be seen. If you're here to write about Right now, it's about travel, the arts and culture in the Desert Southwest (New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, a large chunk of inland California, and maybe a little piece of Colorado). Everything from Indian pottery to history and landscape photography. We'll never run out of subject material, assuming there ever is a "we" posting here. We'll see. This board is password protected in order to keep spam under control, so if you do want to take part, you'll need to write to me. The best way to do this is to sign up for my homelist, and post a message saying that you'd like to sign up for the Saguaro Lounge. Please be patient, as I don't log in every day, but I'll probably get back to you with the password, unless you've given me some legitimate cause for concern about that.

You can also find a mailform at the bottom of this page. Nothing more to read here, so let's go to the board. This page is part of the Saguaro Lounge Site. If you're trying to return to one of the rings one of my pages is on, you should try the global ring return page for my sites.

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